Bodie Parade

July 4th, 1880

Earthquake in Bodie Hills - Damage to Bodie

Just after midnight on December 28th, 3 quakes measuring 5.7, 5.7 & 5.5 shook the Bodie Hills.  The epicenter was about 14 miles east of Bodie, near the mining ghost town of Aurora. 

Bodie sustained moderate damage from the quakes, but no buildings collapsed.  California State Parks personnel are in the process of assessing the damage and currently have the park closed to the public until it can be made safe for the public to enter.

Early reports indicate that brick walls and chimneys sustained most of the damage.  The DeChambeau Hotel on Main Street, next door to the museum, had substantial damage to its brick walls.  Brick chimneys in town collapsed or were damaged.  The Boone Store on the corner of Main and Green lost one of the big front windows.  Windows were lost in other buildings as well.  A few artifacts in the museum toppled over, as probably occurred elsewhere in the townsite.  There may have also been damage to the water storage tank for the fire hydrant system.

The Dechambeau Hotel alone will probably take tens of thousands to repair.

Bodie Earthquake Repair Fund

We have started a Bodie Earthquake Repair Fund to help pay for repairs.  Please help us raise money for this fund! 

You may make a donation by clicking on the Green Button at the top of the right column, or by mailing your donation to the Bodie Foundation, PO Box 278, Bridgeport, CA  93517.  Make your checks out to the Bodie Foundation and note on the check Earthquake Repair Fund.  If you have any questions you may contact Terri Geissinger at or (760) 647-6564.


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