Bodie Foundation Heritage Tour

Dogtown, Monoville, Bodie and Sweetwater Mountains

June 8 - 9, 2019
Tour Leader: Terri Geissinger

$160 per person / $145 for Bodie Foundation members
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The Heritage Tour will escort you back in time where you will discover the fascinating history that surrounds Bodie and the Sweetwater Mountains.  Like the old timers, we will use the historic wagon route to Bodie to enjoy an in-depth town and cemetery tour.  Our second day takes us up into the scenic Sweetwater Mountain Range.  Nestled in the deep canyons are skeleton towns: Silverado, Clinton, Desert Creek, and Risue Canyon.  The stories are rich and the scenery is golden.


Saturday, June 8th, 9:00am: We will meet for introduction at the Bodie Mercantile in Bridgeport.  From there we travel south to the first gold strike in 1857 at Dogtown and follow the second strike to Monoville.  Back on the road, we will use te historic wagon route to Bodie where the past comes alive through stories of the prospectors, pioneers and families that called this place home.  The town tour takes you through the streets where you hear the local gossip of the 1880s.  The soul stories of the cemetery will run away with your heart.  By the end of the day you will feel like you lived in Bodie.  Our tour concludes at 4:30pm.

Sunday, June 9th, 8:30am:  We will meet at the Bodie Mercantile in Bridgeport.  We head north via Hwy 182 towards the magnificent Sweetwater Mountains.  This historic road, once known as the Esmerakda Route, connects northern towns of Morman Station (Genoa), Carson City and Virginia City with Aurora, Bodie and Mammoth City.  Along the busy Esmeralda Route and towering over 11,000 are the Sweetwater’s mountains.  The lure of gold attracted hundreds of prospectors and several mining camps were established in the 1880’s  We them head toward Desert Creek, up over the summit to Risue Canyon and down into Antelope Valley on the west side of the Sweetwaters.  We will travel Hwy 395 through Walker Canyon and back to Bridgeport.  This historic loop through the mountains will be memorable!


Additional Information:

Altitude, Dehydration, & Field Conditions: These towns are all located at high altitude where the weather can change quickly. Please be prepared with a jacket, hat, sunscreen, comfortable shoes, and plenty of water. Dehydration is a very common experience among visitors in the Eastern Sierra and it can exacerbate other physical conditions like altitude sickness. Both days of this tour will consist of hiking around sites with uneven terrain, but we will not venture far beyond our vehicles. Please be realistic about your physical limitations before embarking on this tour.

Four‐wheel Drive: Except for a few highway miles, we will be on dirt roads throughout this tour. Although these dirt roads are generally maintained by the county, we are recommending four-wheel drive and at least high clearance. The routes in the itinerary are subject to change due to weather and road conditions. If you don’t have four‐wheel drive or high clearance, don’t despair. We will more than likely have a good number of participants who do, and carpooling is encouraged.


Pack a lunch and snacks for both days. Don’t forget plenty of water!


__ Camera

__ Comfortable Shoes

__ Jacket

__ Hat, Sunscreen, Sunglasses

__ Lunch and Snacks for both days

__ Plenty of water!

Introduction to Terri

Terri has worked and lived in Bodie for most of the last 2 decades.  She is an authority on the history of Bodie and the surrounding area, and author of the book “Bodie 1859 - 1962”.  She has kept the oral history of Bodie alive though contacts and interviews with past Bodieites and their families.  She has enjoyed giving these exciting Heritage Tours and other history talks and tours for many years.  We are thankful to have Terri as our Historian, and we know you will too!


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