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Attention Photographers!

The 2019 Bodie Calendar Contest is now open

If you think you have a good photo of Bodie please submit it and it may be chosen to be included in the new calendar.  Please submit in jpeg(JPG) format.


The contest closes January 21, 2018




Heritage Ghost Town Tours

Tickets for the Heritage Tours can be purchased at our online store.

Will be announcing 2017 tours soon.

Bodie ~ Masonic

June 11 & 12, 2016 (sorry - tour full)
Guide: Terri Geissinger
$140 per person / $125 for members

Description: The Heritage Tour will take you back in time where you will discover the fascinating history that connects Bodie and Masonic. The past will come alive as you hear stories of the discoverers, the prospectors, and the families who settled here.


Saturday, June 11, 8:30am: We will meet at the parking lot of Bodie State Park. The morning hours will be spent in the Bodie Mining District, where the ghosts whisper their stories of hope, wealth and loss. We will drive up the hill and stop at some of the most significant mines and view the Railway and tour the iconic Railroad Office. We will break for lunch somewhere delightful. The afternoon will be spent wandering the streets and homes of Bodie. This exclusive tour gives you access to places you have never been before. Our day will be complete by 4pm.

Sunday, June 12 - 8:30 am: We will meet at the 1881 Coffee Café in Bridgeport. Heading out Hwy 268, we will traverse the historic wagon route that will lift us out of the basin and into the Masonic Hills. First stop will be at fascinating ruins of the Chemung Mill and Mine. Next, the road leads us over the mountaintop and down into the charming canyon that contains three separate town sites that create Masonic proper. We will spend most of the day among the historic relics, babbling brook and giant Aspen trees. Leaving, we will use the historic Esmeralda Route which connected Masonic with the northbound travelers.

We finish our journey by 4pm.


Heritage Ranch ~ Mining

July 16 & 17, 2016 (sorry - tour full)
Guide: Terri Geissinger & Benny Romero
$140 per person / $125 for members

Description: The Heritage Ranch and Mining Tour will take you to the original homesteads of the Ranchers and to the heart of the mining settlements of Bridgeport and Sweetwater. These early home sites and the families that lived here are all connected to Bodie and Aurora. Along with these precious stories, you will see why Fales Hot Springs was a favorite destination of the pioneers and why Sweetwater was once a bustling community of Ranchers, Miners and Native Americans.


Saturday, July 16, 8:30am: We will meet at 1881 Coffee Café in Bridgeport. The morning hours will be spent learning about the first families that settled here and visiting their homesteads. Some of these Ranches are in use today and haven’t changed much over the century. We will head out as far as Fales Hot Springs to enjoy a special tour of this fascinating place. Turning back toward Bridgeport, the historic wagon route will take us to Buckeye Canyon and see for ourselves the old forest that N.B. Hunewill harvested and supplied lumber to Bodie and Aurora. Next we are treated to a tour of the Hunewill Ranch where the pioneer family still call home. Our day will be complete by 4pm.


Sunday, July 17 - 8:30 am: We will meet at the 1881 Coffee Café in Bridgeport. Heading out toward the beautiful Sweetwater Mountains, we will stop along the route to enjoy the peaceful surroundings of the historic stage stops and homesteads along the East Walker River. Many stories will be shared of these great pioneer families. The first stop in Sweetwater will be Silverado where we will explore the old mining town that captured the hope of many. Spending most of our day in the Sweetwater Range, we will visit several mining camps in the area. Our day will be complete by 4pm.


Bodie ~ Aurora

September 17 &18, 2016
Guide: Terri Geissinger
$140 per person / $125 for members

Description: The Heritage Tour will take you back in time where you will discover the fascinating history that surrounds and connects Bodie and Aurora. While in Bodie, you will receive an in-depth tour of the town, stamp mill and cemetery. You will learn about life in Bodie, the search for gold and silver and the ‘soul stories’ of those who remain. Our second day takes us down the historic wagon road to our sister-city. Once a bustling community of importance, Aurora now sits quietly with her ghosts. The stories bring this place to life and the scenery will mark your memory forever… 


Saturday, Sept 17, 9am: We will meet at the parking lot in Bodie. Once the group gathers, we will have introductions in the theater room. Your privileged tour begins with a town tour. We will meander through the neighborhood and hear stories of those who called Bodie ‘home’. Next we will tour through the Standard Stamp Mill where you will learn the gold and silver milling process. This mill is considered the most intact mill in California. The afternoon tour will be spent in the cemetery where you will learn the ‘Soul Stories’ of those who never left Bodie…. Your tour will conclude by 4pm.

Sunday, Sept 18, 8:30 am: We will meet in the parking lot at Bodie. Our adventure to Aurora begins on the historic stage route that leads down Del Monte Canyon; not much has changed since the freight wagons and stages traveled this way. At Aurora we will see what remains of this late-1800s silver mining town—brick foundations, Samuel Clemens’ former home, and a fascinating cemetery. When it is time to head back to modern civilization, we will continue on the historic stage route that will lead us to Hwy 182. Our day will conclude in Bridgeport by 4pm.


Additional Information:

Altitude, Dehydration, & Field Conditions: These towns are all located at high altitude where the weather can change quickly. Please be prepared with a jacket, hat, sunscreen, comfortable shoes, and plenty of water. Dehydration is a very common experience among visitors in the Eastern Sierra and it can exacerbate other physical conditions like altitude sickness. Both days of this tour will consist of hiking around sites with uneven terrain, but we will not venture far beyond our vehicles. Please be realistic about your physical limitations before embarking on this tour.

Fourwheel Drive: Except for a few highway miles, we will be on dirt roads throughout this tour. Although these dirt roads are generally maintained by the county, we are recommending four-wheel drive and at least high clearance. The routes in the itinerary are subject to change due to weather and road conditions. If you don’t have four‐wheel drive or high clearance, don’t despair. We will more than likely have a good number of participants who do, and carpooling is encouraged.


Pack a lunch and snacks for both days. Don’t forget plenty of water!


__ Camera

__ Comfortable Shoes

__ Jacket

__ Hat, Sunscreen, Sunglasses

__ Lunch and Snacks for both days

__ Plenty of water!

Advance Reservations Only

Bodie Foundation: 

PO Box 278, Bridgeport CA.  93517  (760)-647-6564