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Stabilization and Conservation Projects

A major priority for the Foundation is raising funds for the on-going buildings and structures stabilization programs, and conservation of artifacts.

Over 200 original structures, ranging in size from the large 20 stamp mill, to the single seat outhouse, and thousands of artifacts from freight wagons to square nails remain in Bodie today. In spite of work accomplished to date, many of the structures are in dire straits. Preserving sites, buildings and artifacts, and the history behind them, is the heart and soul of our work.

The Bodie Foundation has set a goal of raising $100,000.00 per year to assist with keeping Bodie for future generations.

The list below are some of the priority projects the Bodie Foundation is either currently helping fund, or hopes to help fund in the coming months and years.

Various Roofing Projects:

  • Donnelly House
  • Moyle House
  • DV Cain Residence
  • Cameron House
  • Mendocini House

Other Major Stabilization Projects include:

  • Railroad Office - Stabilization of the structure including foundation, walls, replacing roof and windows.
  • Lester Bell house – Stabilization of the entire structure. The garage at the back of the house is of special concern. The roof is in danger of collapse.
  • Cyanide Building (mill area) - Replace foundation, 8x8 floor beams are cracked and braced, windows and window casings need to be replaced, exterior siding on walls need to be replaced.
  • Cemeteries - Identifying unmarked grave locations and protection. Conservation of grave markers and enclosures. Control of soil erosion and vegetation encroachment.
  • Artifacts - Conservation (protection), includes identifying and cataloging, protection while on display or in storage, and in some cases restoration.

For further information and a complete list of projects you may contact the Bodie Foundation at (760) 647-6564, or Bodie State Park Maintenance at (760) 647-6016.